Practical Information’s.

Dear Participants,

We inviting respective delegates in the title of Directors/ Managers/ Accountants/ Specialist and Professionals/ Head of Departments/Head of Units/ Internal Auditors/ Suppliers/Contractors/Vendors/Functional and Operational Staffs/and others

These courses are conducted on dates scheduled that intended to add value in your working capacity building for better achievement of the organization goals and personal directions where the delegates are invited to participate in Continuing Professional Development Programs that are offered by ADMAN College Training Consultancy.

The college also offers to the Participants to enjoy a discount allowed of 10% once three participants are originated form one office. Training Completion Certificate will be issued to the participant and all necessary Document such like Training Material pilled in CD, ID, Note books, Professional Pen, Internet link by WFI and Hired Few Laptops but we encourage all participant should come with their laptops. The participant will enjoy a well organized Heavy Breakfast, Lunch package, Refreshing tea/Coffee, Refreshing Sweets and Pure Drinking Water will be served on session progress.

ADMAN College organizes the travel return ticket that shall be booked upon the participant preference and affordability to pay back Tickets and the closing session days shall be an Tourism Safari/Closing Ceremony where the participants shall enjoy an and socialize for familiarization

At the end of these course, The participants will be able the find out strategic decisions making and in houses improvement and acquire the Continuing Professional Development Programs for their professional development.

Sincerely your


ADMAN College